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My 91' FC3S


It all started off when I stumbled across a newspaper ad at work...
I was looking around for a new car, something cheap and not modified with loud mufflers, large rims, body kits, etc. I did my research on two cars in paticular for several months before I made a decision. I wanted something that was a hatchback so that I would have the extra space to fit any cargo if I needed to, and I did not want another Honda or Acura. The Integra is a great car, but is too common a pray for those who can't do good work for a living. So I set out to conduct a research on two reasonable cars, something that looked decent and had a good reputation...The first was the all too famous in the Drifting world, the AE86 the old 1983-1987 Corrolla GTS or SR5 or commonly known as the 86 Trueno. The 86 was a reasonable car sporty with it's FR layout and reputation as a popular car for drifting, yet practical with it being a Corrolla. It had a roomy hatchback and seated four. Well research proved that it was a decent car, and didn't really look too bad for its age if you found the right one, but it is an old car.
The other car that was researched was the 1986-1991 RX-7 (FC3S). This was more the sporty of the two and it was well known for its rotary engine. Of course the bad rumors were that the engine didn't last too long and often had problems. On the good side it was like the 86 lightweight which was also another factor I wanted to add to the equation, since the heavier the car the more weight tax you had to pay at registeration. Also it had just as much space in the rear hatch and had a unique design in body structure and mechanical structure.
With that set the two cars were both good choices to consider, each having good and bad parts. At this point I was willing to take which ever car that I found first that was in good shape.
As time passed, no luck in finding one with a good price and good stats. I continued to research and collect data about the two cars. Of course more data about the RX-7 was found than that for the Corrolla 86, and what began to catch my attention was how sopisticated the FC was for it's age. Many things such as air flow around the body, weight distribution, interior design, ride comfort, as well as handling was put into consideration in its design.
I slowly began to like the RX-7 more and for its age it was more high class.
On day, perhaps by faith, I saw an ad in the newspaper. I didn't really think about it much, but I ended up finding a 91' RX-7, which is pretty rare. You will find 86'-88 usually, but never will you find a 91'. It's the last RX-7s of that style made, and it was pretty cheap. Of course being cheap I knew it has somethings wrong with it, but I wanted to take a look. I went to see the car and it caught my eye the moment I saw it. It had the spoiler I wanted, the mirrors I wanted, the rims I wanted, and the interior I wanted, as well as the bumper and the fog lights I wanted. I took it for a ride, and it wasn't bad. It had a cracked windshield which had to be replaced and had not been registered in a year or so, but I had a good feeling about it and something told me to get it. It was a two seater, I expected it to be a four seater from my research, but I guess they were also two seaters too. But, I figured the extra space isn't too bad and I could also alway put in rearseats.
So I got it on December 21st of 2004. 
I found the car something worth getting and don't know why, but seems like I was right. Till this day there has not been any problems with the engine, other than what came with it orginally, which was a loose throttle cable which I fixed recently, the engine still looses power when floored, but nothing I can't fix.
The rust spots have been patched and painted, and interior cleaned and polished.
The car has more to be fixed, but the main thing is it runs well, and it does. 

Project.R: Rotaresearch 2005